FVG Gospel Choir

FVG Gospel Choir: the Gospel choir of my region, of which I am the Artistic Director, arranger and pianist.

An old dream that gave me the possibility to deepen my knowledge of the vocal possibilities and to play with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Noa, Cheryl Porter, Celentano, Karima, the slovenian RTV.

This is a video of the life changing moment when we were on the stage of renowned Arena di Verona with Stevie Wonder; in this particular excerpt he is presenting us to the audience!

At Udine’s theatre Giovanni da Udine with Noa & Gil Dor, playing my arrangement of “Love, Love, Love”:

With the slovenian RTV conducted by Paolo Paroni, playing my arrangements of folk songs from Friuli and Slovenia.

Tribute to Kirk Franklin at Udine’s theatre Giovanni da Udine.