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15 ottobre Voodoo Strat Klagenfurt (Austria) Eboardmuseum

VOODOO STRAT is an Italian cover band with two different live programs: Deep Purple and Jimi Hendrix. As a Deep Purple cover band they again and again perform with IAN PAICE or DON AIREY, the drummer and the keyboard player of the original DEEP PURPLE. This should be enough to describe the exceptional quality of the band.

VOODOO STRAT was supposed to play at the EBOARD­MUSEUM in 2020 for the 50th anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s death. It was not meant to be, the pandemic is not into Hendrix’s music. But this time it should work out, so reserve seats in time and prepare “G-proof”!

PAOLO MORETTO | guitar, vocals
RUDY FANTIN | hammond organ

Please book in advance:

+43 699 19144180 or

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