Rudy Fantin was born on 16th July 1975 in Italy.
After his Music High School diploma, which he successfully achieved with the highest grade, he graduated in Classical Piano at the Conservatorio J. Tomadini of Udine, where he had studied with U. Cividino. Furthermore, he achieved a degree with honors in Jazz Piano and Arrangement techniques at Kärtner Landeskonservatorium in Klangenfurt, Austria; his professors, among the others, where H. Neuwirth, A. Mittermeier, L. Harper, E. Bachtrager. Later on he studied accompaniment for singers and choir with Kristian Koch and jazz piano with Renato Chicco and Bruno Cesselli.
He attended masterclasses and workshops with many different personalities, such as: W. Panhofer, E. Pieranunzi, B. Harris, J. Taylor, P. Catherine, E. Schmith, J. Niemack, A. Davis, C. Porter, T. Cadeau, M. Burns, P. Jackson, D. Weckl, F. Fussi, S. Lukather, etc.
He had the opportunity to play with several musicians: Bungaro, G. Maier, D. Boato, Gegè Telesforo, F. Bosso, M. Abrams, E. Bandini, S. Senni, M. Chiarella, L. Calabrese, U.T. Ghandi, Mauro Maur, P. Cozzi, B. Romani, L. Colussi, N. Zaninotto, M. Calgaro, F. Bearzatti, L. Favot, D. D’ Agaro, K. Oberzan, D. Jar, D. Lottensberger, A. Jeric, F. Bertazzo Hart, Tommy Cappellato, Stef Burns, A. Allione, F. Bertolini, Russ Spiegel, Peter Erskine, M. Shonelieb, J. Moder, T. Reynolds, T. Scott , B. Martin, B. Baley, D. Occhipinti, C. Porter, B. Singleton, R. Campbell, W.D. Lewis, D. Hill, D. Massey, J. Fisher, S. Duran, C.S. Rives, The Joy Singers of Venice, Quartetto Pezzè, Noa & Gil Dor, Ian Paice, Swingle Singers, Karima, Gigliola Cinquetti, etc.; he was also the pianist of the “Città di Udine” Big Band.
From 2002 to 2009 he was the conductor of “The Colours of Gospel” choir, which appeared on national TV; this experience also gave him the opportunity to be interviewed on the show “Destinazione Sanremo”; moreover, the choir came out third at the international competition for Gospel choirs in Roncade (province of Treviso).
In 2003 he founded the FVG Gospel Choir, of which he is the pianist and the Artistic Director, with singer Alessandro Pozzetto. With this choir he won the first prize at the II International Gospel Workshop in Cison di Valmarino (IT), where he later returned as a pianist and assistant. He participated to Stevie Wonder’s only show in Italy at the Arena di Verona in 2010 and to his concert in Locarno, Switzerland; he had the opportunity to perform again at the Arena di Verona the next year, when he participated to Mario Biondi’s concert there, and in 2012, for Adriano Celentano’s “Rock Economy” live tv show.
With the FVG GC he constantly works on expanding the repertoire and mixing and remodeling a wide range of styles, such as the friulian vocal tradition, the standards of Pop, Rock or Gospel.
He teaches the Marinelli Gospel Choir, a school choir from Udine, and was the Artistic Director of the Powerful Gospel Chorale up until 2017.
He writes music for theatre: one example is “The bubble” by A. Saccavini, that was performed at Oxford University in 2005.
He cooperates with the computer music magazine Midi Songs.
He’s the Artistic Director and arranger of the CEM Live Orchestra and of The Groove Factory Orchestra.
Since 2006 he has been the pianist of the Orchestra Ritmico Sinfonica Italiana, directed by M°Diego Basso; with this ensemble he was on national TV for “Note e stelle di Natale 2006”, where he accompanied many singers, such as A. Tatangelo, E. Ruggeri, Ron, A. Minghi, K. Ricciarelli, L. Carboni , L. Ponce, V. Matteucci, M. Guerzoni, etc.
He’s the keyboard player and pianist of the “Concerto Grosso” project, in collaboration with the Choir and Orchestra S. Marco of Pordenone.
In 2004 and 2017 he played with the Abbey Town Big Band, directed by Kyle Gregory, for a concert-hommage to Duke Ellington’s I Sacred Concert.
He’s the musical director of the Italian Gospel Choir; with this ensemble he had the opportunity to play with Nick The Nightly,  Rev. Minatee e Donald Lawrence, to participate to an episode of the Chiambretti Muzik Show, which featured famous italian singer Laura Pausini, to perform for UEFA 2016 , to play at Teatro Raneri III in Montecarlo and at the Blue Note and in Piazza Duomo in Milan.
He permanently plays with singer Lorena Favot (with A. Zullian on Double Bass and L. Colussi on drums) for the “Mina Project”, which features the songs of this famous italian singer arranged with a jazz spirit.
He cooperates with cello player Antonino Puliafito for “Moderne Stravaganze”, a project on Bach’s music.
With The Great Concert Band he plays the classics of the 70’s Progressive Rock.
In 2007 he founded the studio “CHELALÈ” with sound engineer Marco Melchior and in 2011 he started his own label JazzyLogic.
He gave numerous lectures about african-american music at universities, music schools and high schools. He also gives lectures on modern choir vocal stylessuch as the One 4 All in Milan and Bologna.
He won the prize “Moret d’aur 2013” for his artistic work.
With actor Valentina Rivelli and guitarist Francesco Bertolini he created “Universal Music Mind”, a show that was entirely dedicated to Bill Evans’ music.
In 2013 he worked on the production “Binari diagonali: deragliamenti verso la grande guerra” (Diagonal  Tracks: derailments towards the Great War) with Cinemazero, actress Claudia Contin, Pordenone music school CEM and the FVG Gospel Choir.
In 2014 he played with Peter Erskine during his workshop at the Groove Factory music school in Udine.
He arranged a piece for the Choir of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, conducted by Cristiano dell’Oste, for a production called “Coro +1”, where he played the Rhodes.
He played with Ljubjana’s Symphonic Orchestra and Big Band of RTV; the project, directed by Alessandro Pozzetto and Paolo Paroni and with arrangements by Rudy Fantin, was called “Pot Miru – Cjantis di Pas” and it was performed in Cividale del Friuli in 2015.
He played with Reana del Rojale’s choir, conducted by Paolo Paroni.
He played “Sinfonia” by L. Berio with the Orchestra Filarmonica of Venice theatre La Fenice and the Swingle Singers.
He played with drummer Ian Paice.
He wrote the arrangements and played with Noa and Gil Dor for their 25th anniversary in 2016.
With the Orchestra Filarmonia Veneta he traveled to Kuwait to performed for their national TV, “Channel 1”.
With the FVG Gospel Choir he recorded the choir parts for Bruno Sylvestre’s “Con Te”, which competed for Sanremo 2017.
He’s been the hammond and piano player for “Jesus Christ Superstar – The Rock Opera” since 2017.
He plays in the Flavio Paludetti Hammond Trio.
He founded the HamMonk Sphere Trio, a hommage to Thelonious Monk’s music that featured Nevio Zaninotto on sax and Luca Colussi on drums.
He plays in “88_4”, a duo project with hammondist Mauro Costantini.
He played at the Théâtre du Gymnase, Paris, with Gigliola Cinquetti, as a substitute for Valter Sivilotti, which is the arranger and musical director of the project.
 In 2017 he presented for the first time his work “Piano Solo – Ride The Lighting”.
In 2018 FVG Gospel Choir closed and RF now is Cheryl Porter’s and The NuVoices Project‘s Musical Director.
In 2019 toured Nord Italy with the Trombone player Alessandro Castelli playing in Teatro dal Verme in Milan, too and toured Japan with The Nini Rosso Memorial Band playing in Tokyo, Yokohama, Sapporo and Osaka.He teaches Jazz Piano at UWC Adriatic in Duino (TS).
In 2020 plays the piano for “Festival della Canzone Friulana” for FVG Orchestra, conducted by Vater Sivilotti.Music Festival “Come l’acqua de’ fiumi”  Spilimbergo (PN) asked RF for the original composition for brass instruments & rhythm secton called “AcjeTu” and did the 1st performace for it during the festival.
In 2021 plays for several festivals including Carniarmonie, preparing the choir parts and playing the piano & Hammond organ for Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concerts, together with The NuVoices Project, Coro FVG and The Abbey Town Big Band, all conducted by Paolo Paroni.Plays in Festivals like: Nei suoni dei luoghi, Pianocity PN, Musica senza senso IV, More Than Jazz, in stagione a Musica nelle Residenze Storiche, Gospel Sotto le Stelle, Novara Gospel Festival, etc…


2002 SMD Xmas Album
2002 The Colours of Gospel
2003 Midisongs n.117 When The Saints Go Marchin’ In
2004 FVG Gospel Choir – Xmas Album
2004 The Colours of Gospel – In Your Hands
2005 The Joy Singers – Xmas Album
2006 Cheryl Porter – with Kids
2006 Cheryl Porter – I believe I can fly
2006 FVG GC & Orch.e coro S.Marco: Concerto Grosso DVD
2006 FVG Gospel Choir – Ploe, lagrimis tra cjl e tiare
2006 Madrac – Real
2006 R.Fantin Jazz Trio + L.Favot – Mina Project Santa Margherita
2007 A.A.V.V. Jazz & Wine Vol.1
2007 “Live”
2007 FVG GC & Orch.e coro S.Marco: Concerto Grosso DVD
2007 FVG Gospel Family
2007 R.Fantin Jazz Trio + L.Favot – Mina Project SW
2007 Orchestra e coro S.Marco di PN – Architet
2007 Sandro Ceron – Battisti
2007 The Colours of Gospel – Colours
2009 The Powerful Gospel Chorale – Smile Again DVD
2009 FVG GC Live DVD Giovanni da Udine
2009 Enrico Ruggeri – All in
2010 ETP Christmas Album
2010 Magrid Sountrack DVD
2011 Gospel Meeting – One 4 All Bologna DVD
2011 The Powerful Gospel Chorale – Live with Sherrita Duran
2011 Francesco Bertolini – Los Dias Del Viaje
2011 Fabio Frambati – Tramonti ad Est
2011 Graziella Vendramin – Regreso Al Sur
2011 Valter Juretig – Casa a NE
2012 FVG Gospel Choir – Par Furlan
2012 Adriano Celentano – Rock Economy DVD
2012 Cristian Imparato – Choir Arranging Credo nei sogni
2012 Moderne Stravaganze – Bach’s Cello Suites
2012 Wind – Temporary Happiness
2013 Giuliana Benedetti & Rudy Fantin Duo – Cover Missin’
2013 Flavia Quass – EMiDicoViViVociDiME
2013 Valter Juretig – Pantarei
2014 Giorgia Sallustio – Around Evans
2014 Dancing Maria – OST Movie
2014 Suono Vivo
2015 Italian Gospel Choir – Live with Donald Lawrence
2015 FVG Gospel Mass Choir – The Mass Message
2015 Christmas all the times – AAVV
2015 Shari Noioso – Strings Arranging
2016 The Powerful Gospel Chorale Live
2017 Doro Giat – Orizzonti Verticali2017 The Groove Factory Live DVD
2017 FVG Gospel Choir – Kirk Franklin Tribute
2017 Dik Dik 50 … il sogno continua
2017 Rudy Fantin/Alessandro Castelli duo – Spiritual

2017 Sergio Sylvestre – Brano Con Te (San Remo 2017)
2018 Festival della canzone friulana
2018 Gigi Maieron – Non voglio quasi niente
2018 Marinelli Gospel Choir – Being Young
2018 Valter Juretig – Verso il sole
2019 Giuseppe Marano – Never Without You
2019 “L’ enigma del cigno” di A. Camerotto
2020 The HamMonk Sphere Trio – Zini
2020 Virtual Symmetry
2020 Storkman OST Movie
2020 Cheryl Porter Vocal Method

2021 Cheryl Porter Vocal Method II e II

And some others keyboard parts for Modern Music producers and recordings all over the world.


Kawai CA-40X
Hammond A100 + Leslie 147
Rhodes Mark I
KeyB Live Organ
Nord Electro 5 HP
Yamaha CP300
Nord Lead 3
Korg 01W