“Look in between the piano keys, where there is neither black nor white”

I enjoy going to art exhibitions.

I follow this rule: I stop and study an artwork in depth when, without any previous explanation, it intrigues and excites me. If that’s not the case, it means that at that time it’s not fit for me.

When I think of the word “project”… rather inflated, I think of something that endures over time, that makes me culturally grow, that represents a challenge, and that can be appreciated in the same way by a child, and by en elder. Exciting emotions (positively and negatively) is an intrinsic ability of the Artist, his way of communicating.

That’s either there, or it isn’t.

That’s it.

These are the projects that I believe in, and in which I am directly involved:

  • Ride The Lightning – Rudy Fantin Piano Solo, music by Claude Debussy, J.S.Bach e M.Ravel.
  • The HamMonk Sphere Trio (Rudy Fantin Hammond Organ & Fender Rhodes, Nevio Zaninotto Sax, Luca Colussi drums) – The music of Thelonious Sphere Monk.
  • Moderne Stravaganze (Antonino Puliafito cello, Rudy Fantin pianoforte e Fender Rhodes) – Modern retelling of the first 3 Suites for cello by J.S.Bach.
  • 88_4  (Mauro Costantini Hammond, Rudy Fantin piano and Fender Rhodes) – Original compositions for a project based on many piano keys!!!
  • Mina Project (Lorena Favot vocals, Luca Colussi drums, Andrea Zullian double bass, Rudy Fantin Hammond, piano and Fender Rhodes) – the songs of “Cremona’s tiger” arranged with a jazz spirit.
  • FVG Gospel Choir: the Gospel choir of my region, of which I’m the Artistic Director, arranger and pianist.
  • ‘Round Evans : Project realized with singer Giorgia Sallustio on Bill Evans’ music.
  • Castelli/Fantin Duo – Spiritual: Rudy Fantin on Fender Rhodes & Alessandro Castelli on trombone and Euphonium.
  • Marinelli Gospel Choir – Choir of Liceo Marinelli, a high school in Udine.
  • The Gershwin Brothers (Anna Viola soprano, Alessandro Cortello tenor, Rudy Fantin piano) –  Gershwin’s compositions between jazz and classical music.
  • Universal Musical Mind (Valentina Rivelli actress, Francesco Bertolini guitar, Rudy Fantin piano and Fender Rhodes) – Dedicated to the life and music of Bill Evans.
  • Murders in The Rue Morgue – Rudy Fantin Piano Solo on Rhodes MK I based on The Short Stories by Edgar Allan Poe, interpreted by Stefano Rizzardi.
  • Sideman!!!!