Mina Project

Mina Project – The songs of “Cremona’s tiger” in jazz

Lorena Favot & Rudy Fantin Jazz Trio

Lorena Favot voice & loops
Luca Colussi drums
Andrea Zullian double bass
Rudy Fantin Hammond, piano, Fender Rhodes and arrangements

Since the 60’s Mina’s voice has been our lives’ background, become the soundtrack of many generations. On the beach, on TV, on the Radio anyone can appreciate the light-minded “Tintarella di Luna”, “Legata ad uno scoglio”’s swing or the latin charm of “C’è più samba”. Her repertoire show us her versatility and the variety of genres that she measured herself with, up until the great Sinatra. After becoming a TV star, and breaking the normal business rules, she decided to retire and to let us only appreciate the quality of her interpretations and her unique voice. Her love for jazz is always present in her arrangements and make her songs timeless.

Lorena Favot, one of the most interest italian singers of our days, and three exceptional musicians, pianist Rudy Fantin, double bass player Andrea Julian and drummer Luca Colussi will show us Mina’s repertoire with a jazz feeling and special arrangements.

Mina Project is a production that was created quite a long time ago. With the recording of an album, that was a success for both the audience and the critics, and the first concert at Udin&Jazz 2008, it came finally to life. It was further enriched by a show that involved a string quartet, five backing vocalists and live animations.

The band has performed at several Festivals and theatres in Italy and other countries: “Nei suoni dei luoghi”, “Udin&Jazz”, “Apollonia Jazz Festival”, etc.


Bugiardo ed incosciente
Parole, parole
Sabato notte
Tintarella di luna
Legata ad uno scoglio
E poi
Non credere
Le 1000 bolle blu
zum zum zum
lo faresti
20 parole
Io e te da soli