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“Pursue an idea to the end”.

My work as an arranger is often associated to the project I’m most renowned for, the The NuVoices Project.
Thanks to the contribution of many singers and to my colleague Alessandro Pozzetto, I’ve been able to study, test and expand my knowledge of many different types of ensembles: acapella choir, soloists with symphonic orchestra, big band, electric band with live electronics. My innate curiosity toward classical culture and the most important musical cultures has helped me define a personal style and to know how to carefully decide which sound I should be pursuing.
From my point of view, it is fundamental that an arrangement is simple and based on who will perform it, in order for it to be classy and efficient.
To use a metaphor that fits perfectly in this contest, it is not important who the tailor is, if he can’t tailor a piece of clothing that will really fit who commissioned it.
That is why I’ve always been stimulated to experiment with different genres, without discriminations.
For example, in the project “FVG GC Elektrik Chords” I used classical Christmas songs, both classical and Gospel, to bring together the traditional string quartet, the contemporary choir and the live electronics managed through Ableton Live. To make this project sound even more unique, I added Hammond, Rhodes and Nord Lead 3 improvisations, as well as the technique of “cori battenti”.
The commissioned arrangements will be sent as PDFs and mp3s.
I have no prejudice, in particular when I have to rearrange pieces belonging to different traditions.
This is the reason why whoever asks me to arrange something (be it a songwriter, a string quartet, a symphonic orchestra, a choir, etc.) is surely interested in giving new light to their project, while transforming the music in a unique way.
In the audio demo section you can find many examples of my work as an arranger.